Sunday, September 8, 2013

Let's learn Japanese (10 body parts)

Your Japanese phrase for the day: Atama ga itai。
頭が痛い。 A-ta-ma-ga- i-tay.

My head aches./ I have a headache.

ga- a japanese particle
itai-hurt / s

If you want to make this phrase more polite, please add the word "desu" in the end.

Atama ga itai desu.

Below are some lists of body parts that you can use for this phrase's         lesson.

Replace  and say  them loud! Enjoy !

1.  me -  め、目 -----     eyes
2. hana - はな、鼻-----   nose
3. mimi  -みみ、耳------ears
4. ha       -は、歯    -----tooth/teeth
5. kubi   - くび、首-----neck
6. kata - かた、肩------shoulder
7. mune- むね、胸-----chest
8. onaka--おなか、お腹---stomach
9. hone -ほね、骨---- bone/s
10.ashi-あし、足---- foot/feet

More next edition!

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