Friday, July 19, 2013

Basic Japanese

Your Japanese phrase of the day is: " How are you ? "

How do you ask someone "How are you?"

"O genki desu ka." o-gen-ki-des-ka?


 Fine, energetic and okay means plain -"genki" so, if you're fine, say "genki desu".

 Polite form starts with an "o".
--O genki desu ka? ( Genki desu.)
Colloquial pattern: "Genki?"
--( Genki.)

 And if you answer in the opposite , just replace "Genki desu" to Genki de wa nai desu.

And "Genki" into "Genki ja nai".

Easy right?

 RB+ let me know if you have any english words/ phrase that you'd like to be translated.
 Let's learn it in the simplest way.
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