Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Betcha By Golly !

Quick and simple tutorial on how to put songs on our web or blogsites.
 Back to back with "How to embed SoundCloud's music stream to a unique style".

1. First you wanna go to your Sound Cloud's site and choose a song.

2.Then,click "Share" button on the song stream that you'd want to post.

3. Click "Edit" to costumize.

4. You can set it to "automatic- play" option. You can also would wanna show your images or not. Your choice. Might wanna play with the font's color.. Whatever youd like to do.

5.After some simple tweaks and twists, you can now embed your music stream on your website.Please make sure that you'd embed the link in html manner.

You can play more with this Sound Cloud' feature. It's indeed fun!

I hope that my little sharing helped you in a way. More blog and blab laters! :)

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